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Karin Leaf

Business Development Manager

Department: Staff

Meet Karin Leaf! She is our Business Development Manager! Karin provides all aspects of business support, grant administration, manages our organizations contracts, financials and membership. She connects businesses to appropriate and available resources, builds strong relationships with businesses in the community, individuals, partnering organizations, and more! Karin has been with the EDC for almost seven years and in this position for almost 3 years now.

She says her favorite part about her job is working with our businesses, especially this past fourteen months, we strengthened relationships and saved many, many businesses! We did strong work, and she is very proud of it!

A regional transfer for her dad’s WSP career job brought Karin’s family to Mason County 50 years ago. She says they fell in love with it here and never left. There are now 4 generations of her family in county. Karin said, “I LOVE Mason County and I’m lucky to have the job I do to support our businesses and our economy to make it stronger for my granddaughter’s future.” She has a twin Trina and says she wishes everyone could experience the type of bond they share.

Karin says, “Our EDC Board is a very strong board, they’re really amazing individuals! It’s been great working with them!”

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