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Kristy Buck

Port of Shelton – Commissioner

Department: Board of Directors


Kristy Buck is an elected Port of Shelton Commissioner, as well as a full-time Realtor with John L. Scott Real Estate in Shelton. She has actually served on the EDC Board since 2007, first as a representative of the real estate industry, then as the designated representative from the Port after she was elected 8 years ago. Her favorite part about the EDC is its exciting mission – doing the background work on making our community ready for growth. She says her eyes have been open to how SLOWLY things go, but that sure-and-steady steps will get you there over time. Kristy firmly believes that if you aren’t growing, you’re dying – and she love this place too much to see that happen. Kristy is a 2nd-generation lifelong resident of Shelton, and this place is paradise on Earth to her. She says, “I love our small-town vibe of friendliness and helpfulness, and that when things need to get done, we DO IT”.

Kristy and her husband have lived in the same house for over 35 years. They have two yellow labs, and occasionally a litter of darling puppies! They also enjoy classic cars, and have several that they take to car shows all summer long. 

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