We appreciate your interest in the growth of Mason County and the region. The EDC welcomes new members to support its mission to advance job growth and economic vitality in the community. With your help, the EDC can attract new business, support expansion and retention of existing businesses, and advance community and economic development in the County. 

Member Benefits

Investing in the EDC is an investment in your business future. By helping ensure the vitality of Mason County’s economy, you will contribute to the long-term success of your own business as well as your customers.

One of our primary goals as an organization is to serve the needs of the businesses that invest in our organization. We create a platform as business advocates, providing feedback and analysis to elected officials and government on behalf of the local business community. We host delegations, events and conferences and create technical reports and white papers that provide up-to-the-minute economic information for investors, so they can use data to make sound decisions for the future of their business. And we give our investors an opportunity to help us craft economic activities and policies that further our mission and create wealth in our community. In short, we ensure the work that we do will support our investor businesses so they can thrive and grow.


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