Located in the heart of the Puget Sound region of Washington State, Mason County is stunningly beautiful. Mason County is one of the fastest growing regions in the Pacific Northwest and home to many high paying jobs, while still offering affordable housing and a lower cost of living than nearby Pierce, Thurston, Kitsap and King counties. Many families are moving to Mason County for these benefits in addition to the small town charm and friendly atmosphere we are known for. Afterall, Mason County is the place where neighbors still know one another’s names.

Mason County is an Outdoor Enthusaist’s Paradise 

If you love nature, enjoy taking a hike, kayaking, fishing, bird watching or exploring, Mason County is the place for you. The county is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, covering 967 square miles that includes portions of pristine Hood Canal, Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest.

Residents enjoy outdoor activities, such as:

  • Fishing
  • Skydiving
  • Flying around the Ridge MotorSports Park
  • Clamming
  • Hiking in the Capitol Forest 
  • Bird watching
  • Cycling
  • Kayaking
  • Speed boating
  • Sailing 
  • Walking on the beach 

Activities and Entertainment Are Everywhere

Mason County offers small town charm but it isn’t small on entertainment. We are an entertainment and activity destination within the region, with people coming from hours away to play golf, visit breweries and wineries, play at the casino or visit the spa.