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Bent Bine Brew Co.

August 01, 2019

Category: Activities


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It’s all about the beer! To brew awesome beer you have to take a few things into consideration. Beer is made from Malted Barley, Water, Hops and Yeast. Although today other adjuncts are used to express new flavors and aromas typically not possible with the main 4 ingredients afore mentioned. Most beer recipes start with a traditionally recognized profile for the particular style of beer being made. This is fine for some folks but a growing number of us, while still appreciating the traditional, feel this is just a starting point. We must push a boundary and bring out an attitude of the beers style that we feel needs more recognition. So we BEND the recipe to our taste. This is partially what BENT stands for in our name. BINE is to a Hop as Vine is to a Grape. BINE is what the hops grow on, the part of the plant that climbs, twists and BENDS as it attaches itself to whatever is available on it’s ascent to the boil kettle. Thank you BINE!