Businesses considering a relocation to Washington State will benefit from our low cost of doing business and the affordability of Mason County. 

One of the costs of doing business is insurance. To find out what the cost to your business would be, view the below information and contact the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries at 1-800-423-7233.


All Washington State employers are required to contribute to the state’s unemployment insurance account. In 1985, Washington State adopted an experience rating system that replaced an older, flat-rate system under which all businesses paid the same rate. Now companies are charged in relation to their experience with unemployment — the lowest rates are assigned to businesses with the lowest unemployment costs. New employers enrolling in the state’s unemployment insurance program are assigned the average experience rating for their industry. Company payments are determined by applying a variable rate on all salaries up to a specific unemployment insurance ceiling.

For specific questions on unemployment insurance, contact the Washington State Employment Security Department Tax Branch at The Washington State Employment Security Department or by phone at (206) 545-6518 or (206) 455-7136.


Employers are categorized by the Department of Labor and Industries into risk classes according to the degree of hazard involved in the job. Each year new industrial insurance rates are established for the various risk categories based upon experience.

Washington is the only state with worker’s compensation tax rates based on the hours worked rather than per $100 in wages paid. This means there is not an inflationary increase built into the system when wages rise. Additionally, worker’s compensation is not paid for hours the worker is off the job including sick leave, vacation or holiday hours and leaves or absence.

Industrial insurance coverage may be provided in two ways: 1) the state fund, administered by the Department of Labor and Industries; or 2) self-insurance, whereby the employer sets up his or her own industrial insurance and safety program. Employers who meet specific requirements may qualify for self-insurance coverage. Self-insurance coverage requires proof of financial responsibility and the posting of a bond with the State Department of Labor and Industry. The minimum bond is $250,000 and the company must have net assets of at least $3.5 million and a net worth of at least $1 million. While the employer can administer and pay claims out of his or her own account, the claims are monitored by the state.

For specific questions on industrial insurance, contact the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries at 1-800-423-7233.

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