Opportunity Zones

Mason County’s opportunity zones provide investors with an opportunity to defer or eliminate their capital gains. There are set regulations regarding how the funds must be invested and when. The EDC can provide additional information and help to answer questions about this exciting opportunity. 

Mason County Opportunity Zone Locations 

The two tracts in Mason County are south of Shelton to the Thurston County Line and what is called “Shelton North” which includes the area around the Port of Shelton and the Shelton Hill development. 

These census tracts represent a mix of industrial, commercial, urban-rural and housing opportunities for local or out of state investors looking to benefit from the recent opportunity zone legislation. 

Businesses, specifically, can benefit from moving to and investing in the Port of Shelton opportunity zone. The Port has modern infrastructure that includes fiber, natural gas and high power. In addition, the Port offers on-site rail access, Highway 101 frontage and a 5,000 foot runway with a Foreign-Trade Zone. 

Opportunity Zones in a Growing Metro Area

Mason County’s southern opportunity zone is adjacent to bustling Thurston County, giving investors the unique opportunity to invest in an area that is already growing. This area has experienced an increased housing demand as families seek to move over the Mason County line to save on housing costs. When combined with the nearby access to the Port and Shelton’s business district, this census tract is ready for investment and growth. 

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