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Message from the EDC:

This is a difficult period for our community, and we want you to know, you’re not alone. Local partners are coming together in an effort to figure out how we can reduce impacts today and position ourselves for a quick and effective recovery in the months ahead.

We will endeavor to provide local businesses and impacted workers relevant information through this resource site and other means as events unfold. We’re working fast to bring you information as we learn about it, so please forgive any errors or omissions and be sure to share with us any resources or solutions you think could help others.

Together, we will make it through this.

We are asking for businesses to fill of the Confidential Economic Injury Survey. This form will be used to track the impact COVID-19 is having on your business. You can fill this form out as frequently as you wish – just please make sure you indicate the date range. These forms are collected and aggregated to request additional funds from local state and government agencies.

Washington State coronavirus response centralized website: links out to information on government actions, and information for specific groups, such as businesses and workers.

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